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Spinal injury home care

History and diagnosis

Mr C was involved in a road traffic collision at the age of 37 when a car collided with his motorbike. Following the collision, Mr C was admitted to hospital and diagnosed with a spinal cord injury at level C1. His injury has resulted in bladder complications as well as a loss of sensation and movement. Mr C has been fitted with a phrenic nerve pacer to assist his respiration and a hood stent which supports the removal of secretions that occur from his inability to cough.

Mr C also experiences other complications that are associated with his condition which include low blood pressure, reduced control of body temperature, an increased susceptibility to respiratory disease, autonomic dysreflexia and an inability to sweat below the level of his injury.

After his diagnosis, Mr C was transferred to a specialist spinal injury care unit where he could receive further treatment and rehabilitation. As his condition stabilised Mr C’s multi-disciplinary team (MDT) felt that it would be more appropriate to receive spinal injury home care where he could enjoy quality time with his family.

The Spinal injury home care plan

Voyage Specialist Healthcare was commissioned by Mr C’s case management team to deliver his spinal injury home care. Meetings with Mr C, his family and his MDT were arranged to fully understand his needs and to develop a person centred care plan. Both Mr C and his family were involved in the recruitment process which sourced suitable healthcare assistants to support their needs.

Following all mandatory employment checks the successful candidates were employed by Voyage Specialist Healthcare and proceeded to receive mandatory and then clinical training sessions from our in house specialist trainers. Our healthcare assistants also received on-going clinical competency support from our clinical managers. The clinical training received by each healthcare assistant is summarised below:

Introduction to spinal cord injury, phrenic nerve pacer, medication administration, management of autonomic dysreflexia, chest physiotherapy, passive movements, intermittent catheterisation, bowel management, tracheostomy insertion/changes, hood stent insertion,oral and tracheal suction techniques, domiciliary ventilation, tissue viability, oxygen saturation monitoring, manual hyperinflation of lungs.

Our healthcare assistants also signed honorary contracts which allowed them to work within the rehabilitation centre and understand all aspects of Mr C’s care. Regular MDT meetings were established to ensure the smooth transition of Mr C’s care from the rehabilitation centre to his adapted home. The plan to support Mr C’s spinal injury home care was a real team effort.

The outcome

Physical and emotional:

Mr C is currently living in his adapted home with his family and his lifestyle is supported by our dedicated care team. Although Mr C requires complex spinal injury home care, he is enjoying the time he spends with his family and friends and has also become an active part of the community.

Client and Family feedback:

Mr C and his family are visited weekly by the Clinical and Regional Operational Managers from Voyage Specialist Healthcare where they have an opportunity to provide feedback on the care which is being delivered.

Mr C and his family have reported that they are extremely happy with the spinal injury home care which is provided by Voyage Specialist Healthcare. They are pleased with the level of reliability and clinical competency exhibited by our healthcare assistants. They also feel happy that we have communicated with them well and have taken on board and acted upon any concerns which they have raised.

Commissioner feedback:

Voyage Specialist Healthcare works closely with both the NHS and case managers following private referrals. The case manager for Mr C has been impressed with the level of spinal injury home care and professionalism displayed by all of the Voyage Specialist Healthcare team.

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