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Adult with an acquired brain injury

History and Diagnosis

Whilst in holiday in Spain and at the age of 33, Mr A suffered an acquired brain injury, he was involved in a road traffic accident where he experienced multiple skull fractures, broken bones in his arms, legs and pelvis and substantial internal bleeding. Mr A was diagnosed as having an open brain injury which required extensive neuro surgery and reconstructive therapies on his skull. He was flown home after major surgery and transferred to a rehab centre where he could receive neurological rehabilitation. During this time it was established that he had severe memory recall problems , post traumatic amnesia and frontal lobe damage affecting his personality and highlighted through disinhibition and aggressive tendencies.


Voyage Specialist Healthcare were contacted by the local PCT to provide a 24 hour support and care for Mr A. Meetings with Mr A, his parents and his MDT were arranged to fully understand his needs and to develop a person centred care plan. Both Mr A and his family were involved in the recruitment process which sourced suitable healthcare assistants to support their needs. After receiving their mandatory in house training our healthcare assistants were introduced to Mr A and worked alongside the rehabilitation centres staff. Our healthcare assistants were also supported by our behavioural therapists and clinical managers and signed off as competent to continue Mr As support in the community.


Physical and emotional:
Mr A is capable of living independently but requires our healthcare assistants to support his shopping, finances, personal hygiene and behaviour.
Mr A is extremely happy to be back in his home and has never needed to meet an unfamiliar face to support his care. The on-going familiarity of the shifts delivered by our healthcare assistants has provided Mr A with a familiar routine and has created a positive impact on his emotional wellbeing.

Client and Family feedback:
The feedback received from Mr A and his family has been very positive. They are both happy and confident in our healthcare assistants and have frequently praised their reliability and level of clinical competency

Commissioner feedback:
Very positive feedback has been received from the PCT regarding the speedy response to the commencement of the care package and the reliability and quality of care being provided by our healthcare assistants

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